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Image below: 1978 Maleny Centenary Parade. Maleny Trail Riders Club put a float in, being towed behind Allan Neucom’s Mustang. Pretty good of Newc to let us sign write on his car with a few of our original hooligans helping out. The Maleny Trail Riders Club used to nickname themselves The Obi Obi Rapid Riders. Thank you to Maleny Trail Ride Sweeps for supplying us with the image.


All About Us

Maleny Trail Riders Club, Circa 1970

The Maleny Trail Riders Club has been around for decades, eventually incorporated in 2005 and has been running since then to benefit the community at large.

Our main event, The Maleny Trail Ride is held every second year and we donate all of our profits back to the community through various clubs and community organisations.

The Club was formed to provide people with a place to ride and we endeavour to keep property gates open to riders. We not only cater for adult riders but junior and novice riders as well with Come and Try events being held as often as time and opportunity permits to give any rider the opportunity to give motorcycling ‘a go’ in a safe, controlled and cost-effective environment.

We realise that the future of the club and our sport will only continue if responsible riding and safe areas are provided and promoted for family access. Our aim is to welcome and care for riders of all levels.

The club is very accommodating for families and as such, a large number of our club members are children of all ages, eager to enjoy the fun and excitement of motorcycling. So if you’re looking for somewhere to go riding with your family and friends where the focus is on fun and safety, join us today.

We look forward to your company!


Upcoming Events


2021 Maleny Trail Ride

Date to be advised

Held once every 2 years as a community fund raiser, our Maleny Trail Ride is set to go ahead on September 12th & 13th this year. With numerous land owners generously donating their land the Maleny Trail Ride is 2 of the best days of the year.

Unfortunately the 2020 ride had to be postponed until 2021

April Come & Try


Sunday 5th April, 2020

20th March 2020

Like you all, we have been monitoring the emerging COVID-19 situation and now, after long and careful consideration, we have decided it is in the best interests of our members, participants and the local community that we cancel our Come and Try Ride scheduled for the 5th of April.

We acknowledge this is disappointing as a lot of hard work has already gone into preparing for this ride and we know that everyone was looking forward to it.  

However, we believe it is our responsibility as a small community organisation to support the new distancing measures wherever possible.

With a crucial lack of access to essential health and safety items to provide at the ride i.e. toilet paper and hand sanitizer, we are in agreement as a Club that we will cancel April with the hope and vision that we will be able to provide you with a fantastic Maleny Trail Ride in September this year.

We truly thank you all for your enthusiasm, hard work, support and understanding and we look forward to hopefully seeing you in September!

Annual General Meeting

Wednesday 12th August, 2020

The AGM set for May was postponed due to COVID-19 with the new date set for August.

Held at 7pm in the Apex Shed, Maleny Show Grounds

Thank you to our numerous Property Owners for their continued generosity and support!

If you are a property owner in the local Maleny area and interrested in volunteering your property for use, please contact the club at

"Motorcycling is a great way for kids to get active in a sport that they'll love for life"

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